My computer crashed and only displays a blue screen. Can you fix it?

Yes. We have a variety of methods and tools at our disposal. Sometimes the fix is relatively painless and we can have you up and running within the hour. Sometimes it takes a total rebuild of the Operating System and re-installation of all your programs and settings. That takes longer but the computer will run like the day you got it, if not better! We will discuss your options and come up with a cost effective plan that is best for you. The majority of the time, we will have you back up and running without you ever having to leave your home or office.

My computer won’t turn on at all. Have I lost all of my information?

Hopefully not, but we can determine that quickly. We have at least a 90% success rate in retrieving information from your computer’s hard drive upon removal.

How long should I keep my computer?

Our goal is that your computer lasts 4-5 years. That doesn’t mean you can’t get more use out of it, especially if it still running fine and suits your needs. Think about how fast technology changes. In 5 years, you can get a better, faster, smaller cheaper computer!

How soon can you get here?

That depends on a lot of factors. During “Busy Season” it may take a few days for an opening, as our schedule gets quite full. We do our best to accommodate our clients on a first come first serve basis. However, we do prioritize our business clientele and do our best to re-arrange appointments to handle emergency situations.

Should I leave my computer on or turn it off?

We recommend leaving the computer on all the time and letting it go into “Sleep” mode. Either way, turning it off all the time or leaving it on will not affect the performance or lifetime usefulness or your computer. We can adjust the power settings for what is best for you.

I see you sell computers. What if I purchase a new computer on my own?

We are here to help! We are certified as members of the “Dell Partner Direct” program which gets us special pricing and support. We also have access to thousands of other merchandise with various distributors and partnerships we have forged over the years. Our number one priority is retaining satisfied customers, not selling. We work with all brands and operating systems, whether we supply them or not!

Can you make my computer run faster?

Yes Yes Yes! One of our most common requests is to speed up an existing system. We have solutions ranging from a simple tune up which we can usually complete in one hour, to upgrading to a new Solid State hard drive. We have cost effective solutions to make you fall in love with your computer again!

Do your work on Apple products?

Yes! We work with all major forms of hardware and software. While the majority of our clients use Windows based pcs, we can integrate various platforms to work seamlessly together. Laptops, Desktops, Ipads and Iphones, Android tablets and phones, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Echo, Google Home, Smart TVs, Ring Doorbells… You name it. If you can plug it in and turn it on, we can help you!

Do you guarantee your service?

Yes, most definitely. If you have a problem that still exists after a recent visit, let us know. We stand by our work. We will do WHATEVER it takes to make sure all of our clients are extremely satisfied. Whether it takes a phone consultation, remote access or follow up on site visit. We encourage all of our clients to contact us immediately if there is any concern, problem or question. Word of mouth has been our primary key to growth and that’s not by accident!