If your computer is not running the way it used to you may need a hardware or software upgrade. You can save yourself a lot of money by upgrading your laptop or desktop hardware components or OS, instead of replacing your entire computer. A simple ram or hard drive, even a solid state drive upgrade can make your computer feel brand new again.SOFTWARE UPGRADE

  • Determine if the computer meets the minimum system requirements
  • Install repair and configure 1 software application
  • Perform software updates if necessary
  • Create desktop, start menu and taskbar access shortcuts


  • Install an internal or external PC component, such as a graphics card, memory, hard drive, optical drive, MP3 player, printer or scanner
  • Configure the PC component for applicable use


  • Install an operating system
  • Install critical updates
  • Install required drivers
  • Configure the O.S. for your preferences
  • Ensure the system runs correctly

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