Is your computer freezing, getting pop-up ads, or taking longer and longer to boot up every day?  Our PC Speedup Service can improve the performance of your system by as much as 325%!! If left untreated, your computer will have to work 2-4 times harder which can double the aging of your PC, increase power consumption and cause permanent damage.  Our speedup service will help your computer run faster and more efficiently, which will result in a happy, longer living computer.We get calls everyday on PCs that don’t really have a problem like a virus popping up every 15 seconds or a blue screen issue, but just generally a slow computer problem. We’re great with slow computer services. We can make your computer come back to life in many cases. A lot of startup programs get popped in there without users realizing it. Helpful toolbars insert themselves into your web browser – and then there are some truly nasty things that can happen to your PC – like viruses but, in most cases, we can get your machine running like it was out of the factory.  

When it’s time to NOT fix that slow Computer

If you’ve got a computer that is more than four years old, you will likely have a computer that’s never going to be that fast in comparison to something newer – even when we’re done. And  it will take us a while to do the cleanup on it as these PCs are generally much slower than what is currently on the market. Home computer cleanups that we can do in under an hour on a current machine can take 2-3 times as long on an old unit. We’ll be the first to suggest to you that it might be time to get a new desktop or laptop.

A slow computer is something that can hold you down, it is something that you’re not going to want to work with, it is going to drive you crazy especially if your work depends on it. You want to keep the computer since all of your information is on it, files, family pictures, your data. It is a nice computer but it is running extremely slow and you want to boost the speed up a bit so you’re able to get more use out of it. TeamWork Systems can  speed up your computer anytime you need to, without any worry that you will lose your files or data.


Why deal with unplugging your computer, dragging it to a computer shop, and waiting up to 2 weeks before getting any results?  Our techs show up at your front door, and offer a more efficient, affordable service while you wait.

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