TeamWork Systems offers computer cleaning service. Our team will thoroughly clean your computer, inside and outside. When we are finished, we will reconnect everything and verify that all of your computer accessories are working properly.You should clean your computer regularly because:

  • Regular Cleaning Prevents Physical Damage
  • Regular Cleaning Allows System to Run More Smoothly
  • Dirty Computers that Continue to Run are Unsafe and a Potential Fire Hazard
  • Dust and Debris that Accumulate Inside a PC are a Potential Biohazard

You and your family use computers every day during the week especially if you work from home. Some of you may even sit at computers for more than 8 hours at a time as you work,  eat, cough, sneeze, and converse. You may even cluster personal belongings around computers, including, food or snacks.

Clean computers will prevent other problems like:

  • Dust buildup inside the computer can clog the fan. The fan that normally keeps your computer cool will fail, and then your computer may overheat. Overheating can fry parts and shorten your computer’s lifespan, which means you’ll have to replace it sooner.
  • Dust buildup and regular overheating can also slow your computer.
  • As food and dust particles build up inside the keyboard or mouse, they could block moving parts, rendering the keyboard and mouse useless. You’ll have to carefully clean them again before they’ll work.
  • Germs feast on food particles and dust, so they’ll build up on the computer. If allowed to grow, they can make anyone who uses the computer more likely to get sick.

Depending on several factors, such as if your computer is placed on the floor, or if you eat, drink, or smoke around it, will determine how often you should clean your computer. Nonetheless, you should at least do this once or twice a year. Remember to dust your computer as this can ultimately save you time and money by preventing you from having to replace a piece of hardware or your whole computer which may have been prevented by a 15 minute task.

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